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Updated: May 21, 2020

What I hope my kids remember about living through this crazy time is that we did it together. Not AT each other or around each other. But really WITH each other. 

I can’t replicate the magic that happens at their school, but I can organize their day and be calm and playful. 

Today, the kids named their school, helped make the schedule for today and wrote some rules. 

For “social studies” we talked about community and ways we can help others now. That moved us into writing where they wrote letters and made thank you cards for the folks working in our building. We were meant to just take a walk through the park, but my daughter noticed different parts of the park that looked like a bay or peninsula (what she’s been learning about in school). She taught her brother about estuaries. He taught her about daffodils. I let them take pictures of what they noticed. There is a moment of quiet now while they are writing fiction stories and I’m amazed how being present with them and following their lead created some magical moments of our own. So grateful for everything I’ve learned the past 18months and it’s such a help to have their teachers voice in my head. 

No clue how we will sustain this (is school, like dinner, supposed to be every day?! And WHY) but I’m gonna stay present, do the next right thing, and be IN this with them together.

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